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Thursday, August 9, 2012


A wonderful rainbow across the Falls
The Argentinian side of the waterfalls is distant only 15 minutes by bus from Puerto Iguazu.

Puerto Iguazu airport is well connected to the main cities of Argentina.

The National Park is open daily and you should plan to visit it for two days, to have the time to take in the special beauty of the place.

The second day the ticket price is reduced if you have printed your ticket the day before at the end of your visit.

Try to visit the falls at night, at full moon, for an enthralling experience!

You might want to read how and what to visit at the Iguazu Falls.
Because the Falls are situated at the border between Argentina and Brasil, we published two posts: one about the Argentinian side of the falls and another one about the Brasilian side.

We highly recommend you to visit both sides of the falls!