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Friday, May 31, 2013


We broke a rule and we decided to publish a post about Jairo Mora on our blog.

Our blog only posts photos and stories related to travel, but we decided to accept the request made by one of our readers who asked to publish a post about Jairo Mora as a sign of respect for his courage and his death and as a way to increase public awareness about it.

Jairo Mora  was found dead the 30th of May after being beaten with his hands tied behind his back on a beach in Costa Rica. Autopsy results revealed that he had died from asphyxiation after being struck in the back of the head.

He was an environmentalist and he was patrolling a beach in Costa Rica to protect the sea turtles eggs nested in the sand and to avoid them to be stolen by illegal traffickers. He was 26 y.o. and he was brutally killed by the poachers.

Mora received frequent death threats, including an incident just weeks before his death where he was threatened at gunpoint.  He also denounced the lack of support by Costarican police in helping and protecting the environmentalist patrolling the beaches.

We honour the man, his courage and his will for fighting for what is right and what is fair and just.

Please SHARE THIS POST ON YOUR FB WALL, GOOGLE+1 IT, TWEET IT or spread it on other social medias as a way to increase public awareness and force Costarican authorities to effectively take action against his killers.

You can

Thursday, May 9, 2013


The incredible Buddha in the tree - Ayutthaya - Thailand

Where is Ayutthaya and why to visit Ayutthaya?

The wonderful city of Ayutthaya is an hour and a half away from Bangkok. 

Ayutthaya is the old capital of the Siamese kingdom and it possesses a huge historical heritage of that time. 

It possesses many archeological areas in the centre of the city where it is still be possible to admire the beautiful temples of the XV and XVI century and many more amazing wats (local names for the buddhist temples) and religious sites.

The reclining Buddha (below) and the Buddha in the tree are maybe the most incredible monuments of this religious site.

The Buddha in the tree, according with the story, is the head of one of the many statues of Buddha decapitaded during the Khmers invasions, that for chance fell in the jungle nearby and was later encapsulated by the huge tropical trees growing in the area, so becoming part of one of them. It is a very important religious site today.

Watch these incredible sights of Ayutthaya and read below our practical tips to visit Ayutthaya.

Ayutthaya, late evening - Historic Temples - WAT PHRA SI SANPHET - THAILAND

The reclining Buddha, AYUTTHAYA 

Wat Phranan Choeng - Ayutthaya


Wat Phra Si Sanphet - Ayutthaya, Thailand

How to get to Ayutthaya?

I. Ayutthaya is very well connected to Bangkok. 
As you will probably arrive from your country in Bangkok, put Ayutthaya as the first stop on your travel in Thailand (read more about our suggested itineraries for your travel in Thailand).

II. Travel from Bangkok to Ayutthaya by train. Although is not very fast you will avoid the famous Thai scam buses and the travel is relaxing and the train direct. (Read here if you are planning to travel by train in Thailand)

III. If you want to save time and avoid travelling in the hottest hours consider taking the train to Ayutthaya in the late evening.

Where is best to stay in Ayutthaya?

IV. Ayutthaya is more and more touristy, but the town still not possess an awful lot of accommodation, consider booking an advance.

V. At night the town is deserted, apart for some annoying stray-dogs. Avoid arriving at night unless you know where are you going.

VI. Do not stay near the train station. Prefer the area near to the old temples.

How long to stay in Ayutthaya?

VII. We advise you to stay no longer than two full days. Temples are interesting but in two days you can see the most. Consider also the fact that is not much else to do in Ayutthaya apart for seeing the temples and it is very hot. Even if you are passionate about archaeological sites, you should consider saving time to visit also the beautiful temples of Sukhothai, "only" 5/7 hours away on the road to Chiang Mai.  

What is to see in Ayutthaya?

VIII. Most of the archaelogical sites are not free. Because there are at least a dozen of interesting archaeological sites, decide an advance what temples are really interesting for you to visit.

IX. The photos on the pictures above show what we consider the essential sights in Ayutthaya. 
Make sure to visit at least: The incredible Buddha in the tree, Wat Phra Si Sanphet, WAT PHRA MAHATAT, Wat Phranan Choeng, The reclined Buddha.

Where to go next after Ayutthaya?

Absolutely consider to visit the beautiful archaeological site of Sukhothai, the most interesting and best preserved archaeological site in Thailand (click here to read more info).
If you are trying to work out a plan of your travel in Thailand click here for more recommended itineraries

What else to see in Thailand?

Read more about Thailand: read the list of our post and itineraries.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


So impressive!!! - Mano del Desierto, Desierto de Atacama, Chile 

I was very taken by this great hand (a bit eerie...) emerging from the desert, I followed it and I discovered Karen and her wonderful travel blog!

Karen is 24 y.o. , she is born in the North of Patagonia Argentina and she is the author of Con Rumbo al Mundo, her great blog!

I like her straight way of writing, Karen writes about herself: "Since I can remember I have learned to love the roads, the nature and reading, the approach to these three great miracles which are still part of my life so intensely, it was thanks to my parents (both teachers, faithful to the camp and routes). For that reason all the activities I've done in my life have been travels, books and the Earth!"

She described herself as a digital nomad, with adventurer and naturalist soul, and a restless mind!

Karen recently started an exciting and very adventurous project. "Viajar y Escribir" (Travel and Writing), Karen writes, "it is a personal project that arises from the desire to explore the world exposing me to the exciting feeling of motion and uncertainty generated through travel and experiences through writing and photography, from a personal view, honest and independent. So I decided to fulfill one of my biggest dreams and embark on the adventure of South American travel the Circum-Pacific Belt documenting the stories and places the way I experience them throughout the continent".

Good luck Karen and thanks for these great photos!
(photo copyright Karen Solange Alurralde)

Pared sur del Aconcagua, Mendoza, Argentina  ...and Karen at the top!

At the Top - Spectacular views from Quebrada del Cóndor, Sur de La Rioja. Argentina

Hanging Bridge - Quebrada el Durazno, Mendoza - Argentina

Wonderful Sunset @ Laguna Tebenquiche, Región de Antofagasta - Chile

Yo estaba muy asombrado por esta gran mano (un poco extraña ...) que emerge en el desierto, la seguí y descubrí a Karen y su maravilloso blog de viajes !

Karen tiene 24 anos de etad, naciò en el norte de la Patagonia Argentina y es la autora de Con Rumbo al Mundo, su gran blog!

Me gusta su manera muy directa de escribir, Karen cuenta sobre ella: "Desde que tengo memoria, he aprendido a amar a los caminos, la naturaleza y la lectura, la aproximación a estos tres grandes milagros que siguen siendo parte de mi vida tan intensamente, fue gracias a mi padres (ambos profesores, fieles al campo y rutas). Por esta razón todas las actividades que he hecho en mi vida han sido como los viajes, los libros y la Tierra! "

Ella se describe a sí misma: como una nómada digital, con alma aventurera y naturalista, y una mente inquieta!

Karen inició recientemente un proyecto emocionante y muy aventurero. "VIAJAR Y ESCRIBIR" (Travelling and Writing), Karen escribe, "es un proyecto personal que surge de las ganas de explorar el mundo exponiéndome a la emocionante sensación de movimiento e incertidumbre que genera viajar y de transmitir las experiencias mediante la escritura y fotografía, desde una mirada personal, honesta e independiente. Por eso decidí cumplir uno de mis más grandes sueños y embarcarme en la aventura de recorrer el Cinturón Circumpacífico Sudamericano documentando las historias y los lugares que el camino me presente a lo largo del continente".

Buena suerte Karen y gracias por estas grandes fotografias!
(photo copyright Karen Solange Alurralde)

Great view from the sky! - Parapente en La Rioja capital, Argentina

Quebrada del Cóndor, Sur de La Rioja. Arg



Friday, May 3, 2013

More Tips and photos to plan your visit to New York City

New York skyline at sunset - New York City

This is NYC in spring: the colours of the Great Apple are shining under the sun!

From the noise and the traffic of the 5th Avenue to the quiet lanes of Central Park.
Lights and sights of a wonderful city, where dimensions and proportions offer always a new prospective to life.

Some cities look the same through the time. 

In NYC I easily got the feeling that everything is changing so fast that you feel these photos represent just a second of its long life, you can be back in the city in a year and all this will be gone, all will be different!

These are not postcards of NYC, they are more slow motion pictures of the Big City!

Below we are going to offer you some useful tips to visit New York City on a budget, here the second five tips (To read the first five, click here).

VI. If you want to save some money consider not to book your flights from/to New York but prefer Baltimora, Washington or even Philadelphia. Air fares are much cheaper there and the airports are connected to NYC with reliable, fast and reasonably inexpensive bus companies, particularly if you book your tickets via internet.

VII. Don't book your bus journeys with the super cheap Asian bus companies. Many of their buses are stopped by the police on the highway, checked and most of the time not allowed to finish the journey because they are below the minimum standards of safety requested by law. The result is that you will have either to wait a new bus (if you are lucky enough that the company will send one), or wait for hours for a taxi to finally arrive to collect you and than pay an expensive fare to reach your destination.

Imagine - John Lennon Memorial - Central Park - New York City
VIII. Journeys with metro are long even if only between the most central areas of the city. Plan your visit to NYC choosing no more than two areas for every day. If you constantly move from area to area without a planned itinerary you will end up spending most of the day in the tube and see little of NYC.

IX. Train is much more expensive than bus. Although the train is faster you have to consider that security checks are much longer if you travel by train, so at the end of the day the train will not make you save much time, particularly for relatively short journeys (up to 3 / 4 hours).

Action @ Central Park - New York City

X. Speaking about relatively short journeys, plan a 3 days visit to Washington DC.

There most of the monuments and museums are free and very very interesting and accommodation prices much more reasonable. 

For the moment we only published about the National Portrait Gallery in Washington DC, which is actually very interesting and free, but soon we will publish more! 

XI. See more interesting photos of NYC and read more useful tips about NYC on our other post “New York City - 7 sights of NYC and some good ideas for visiting NYC on a budget” or read more posts and recommended itineraries in the U.S.A. in Our page Visit U.S.A.

Be inspired!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


The Medioeval Road of the Knights


In the Island of  Rhodes (they say) one time the huge Colossus protected the harbour and the famous Greek town. The huge God Helios stood with its feet where the two coloumns are now, at the entrace of Mandraki harbour. Although it is a legend, it is so exciting to believe its true! 

Rhodes today is a wonderful island with wonderful sceneries and a fantastic walled town. 

If you visit the old town in spring, when cruise boats are not yet harbouring in the port, you still feel the medieval atmosphere pervading the old, empty ,cobbled streets, where one time the Templar Knights walked and ruled the town.  

Lindos with its well preserved Acropolis and its beautiful coast is a wonderful corner of Rhodes. When tourists are not yet invading the little town, the beautiful white houses, the sandy beach and the little fish restaurant form a fantastic set for a wonderful day back in time!

Sunrise at Mandraki Port - Rhodes

In the evening, in early spring, in the famous Road of the Knights you litteraly feel back in the Medieval Times! 

Landscape from Lindos Acropolis - Rhodes


En la isla de Rodas (dicen) una vez que el gran coloso protegía el puerto y la famosa ciudad griega. 
El gran Dios Helios estaba con los pies onde los dos coloumns son ahora, en el entrace del puerto de Mandraki. A pesar de que es una leyenda, es tan emocionante para creer en su verdad! 

Rodas es hoy una isla maravillosa con maravillosos paisajes y una ciudad amurallada fantástica.
Si usted visita la ciudad vieja en primavera, cuando los barcos de crucero no se albergan en el puerto, puede apreciar la atmósfera medieval que impregna las viejas y vacías, calles empedradas, donde una vez los Caballeros Templarios se acercó y gobernó la ciudad.

Lindos con su Acrópolis bien conservada y su hermosa costa es un rincón maravilloso de Rodas. Cuando los turistas aún no están invadiendo la pequeña ciudad, las hermosas casas blancas, la playa de arena y el pequeño restaurante de pescado forman un conjunto fantástico para un día maravilloso en el tiempo!
"Rhodes most beautiful tree", I guess OR "Rhodes Nature - Art masterpiece", if you prefer! - The City Walls - Rhodes 

Lindos Acropolis in all its majesty - Rhodes

Old white house in a misty morning in Lindos- Rhodes

The Mosque in Rhodes